Organizing rally tests

Motorsport Solutions Finland Oy

We organize individual private rally tests for development rally cars, we have approx. 80 different road
sections in our selection what are located in Central Finland and Tampere region. We organize the necessary official permits for the temporary closure of the road section and are responsible for the requirements of the permit conditions.
Additional services can be customized according to customer needs. The road sections in our selections can
be found on the Extranet portal. When You see the Motorsport Solutions logo alongside of the road, You can
be sure that things have been handled well and according to the requirements.

We also offer individual services any kind of rallying, motorsport, vehicle, tyre or other event organizing. If You need special arraignements for filming movie where is need to close public road, we can handle that with the experience.

We are also available for found and manage permanent test base regarding valid FIA WRC regulations.

Testing of rally cars can be roughly divided into two different types, the preliminary test of the rally
competition and the general development test of the car. In both cases, the goal is to develop the driving
characteristics of a rally car.
In the rally tests organized in Finland, the focus area is shock absorption and transmission. Also,
aerodynamics is one important thing nowadays, where to look when developing a rally car.
It is important to find different road types, the test road should have different kind of jumps, different length
of corners and You should also be able to drive to the jumps on different speeds.
The car manufacturer’s team has made detailed plans for the test event, according how the test session will
be run. Sometimes the car’s engine may even be broken in the test, the intake of cooling air is deliberately
covered in order to obtain limit values in the test. These limit values can then be programmatically defined for
the actual competition and this method can be used to prevent, for example, engine failure caused by snow
blockage in the competition.
In rally car racing, the nature of the sport also includes always-changing conditions, which You cannot always