Rally test

Motorsport Solutions organizes private rally tests in Finland. Private events, where target is to develop the
performance of a rally car. The road sections what are used in rally tests in Finland usually contains a
lot of different kind of jumps and various types of corners, as well as differences in the road top surface. 

We have about 80 different roads in our test road catalogue on Central Finland and Tampere region, all listed in our web portal

The focus in car development in Finland is adjusting the rally car’s suspension and transmission settings, also to get direction for aerodynamic solutions by testing on the fast demanding gravel roads.

When organizing rally tests, it is essential to find road sections where the first, is availability with permissions to organize rally tests and the profile of the road is reasonable for the this kind of use. We are constantly looking for new road sections where this is possible. 

Service integrator

We also take care of all needed, necessary additional services on behalf of our Customers. We will manage all necessary official permits and act in accordance with the requirements set by the public authorities.

Our customers consist of foreign car manufacturers competing in the World Rally Championship, so we can 

say that the rally test is an export service.

FIA approved private test organizer


Benefits to society

In addition to the selected road sections, the rally car development work also utilize other local service
providers. In addition to waste management, accommodation and catering services play an important role in
events lasting 3-5 days, where the test team consists of 20-30 mechanics, engineers and of course driver crew
and other team staff.
In our values, the main emphasis is on safety and quality, in the order mentioned above. We do not
compromise on safety, it serves as the main pillar of a high-quality test event. We currently have about 80
different road sections in our selection, which are all collected in our Extranet customer portal and classified into
different categories. Private roads are managed by private authorities as well as state´s public roads improve due to the
influence of rally tests, we have practical experience with this. The road sections are well repaired after the
events, and regular rally test use makes the road better and better in the long run, which is vital in terms of road maintenance.
Road repairement benefits local infrastructure operators as extra work on the road, road users benefit from a
high-quality gravel road whose rehabilitation has been carried out by external funding.

Motorsport Solutions Finland Oy

was founded in 2013, our mission is to organize high-quality rally test events and develop our activities
continuously. We invest in safety and transparency in our operations is one of the key factors in this field.
Everyone participating in the activity can bring up issues that may affect safety issues. We are an authorized
organizer of private test events recognized by the international automobile association FIA and we regularly
participate in forum sessions with the other identified private test organizers from all over the world.
We operate as a service integrator and assemble the necessary package for our customers, we are responsible
for the overall solution and we always take into account the requirements set by the authorities’ permits.

Your performance – our passion

Our passion is to find the best possible framework for our customers to develop their own product, we
operate in the background as invisibly as possible and take into account local operators and residents.
Motorsport Solutions Finland Ltd
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34110 Lakiala
Ylöjärvi, Finland
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FIA approved private test organizer

Rally Test organizing in Finland (in Central Finland, Jyväskylä, Jämsä, Korpilahti area and in Tampere region Orivesi, Kuhmoinen, Mänttä-Vilppula). 

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